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It's just a jump to the left

And then a step to the right

Janie "Ja'nee" Taylor-Malcolm
15 May
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Muse and mun are over 18.

They have been around since before time was counted, since before Earth was a rock, and the before the Sun formed. They will be around long after all other existence ends.

Some call them time travelers. This group is a lonely, cursed group. Without study, they are doomed to bounce around time and dimensions in a seemingly unpredictable pattern until their lives are ended. Nothing they do is able to affect anything on a large scale, and they rarely are able to form families.
A way to predict the patterns was found, and then a way to control them was discovered. One traveler was able to find another, and they found a secure place, free from the normal bounds of time and space. Together, they sought to find all others with traveling ability, and were able to train a few others.

This leader of this group has strict control over her members. Of the sixteen members, all but four were forcefully recruited. They are taught living in the compound is the only way to ensure the safety of the world. Children are not allowed among members, and the official numbers are always kept at exactly sixteen.

Orishabi is aware that more exist, and has operatives stationed around the world. The sixteen in the compound are unaware of this and she wants to keep it that way. When a new traveler is needed, she finds one and trains them immediately.

Janie "Ja'nee" Taylor is the product of two time travelers, who decided to make her own way in life. From around the age of six or eight, she lived in the Iyanifa compound where she was taught to live the reclusive lives of the other travelers.

She was a rebellious child that broke nearly all of the rules that were given to her. In her late teens/early twenties, she left the compound and moved to New York City. It was there that she met Dr.Ian Malcolm, who is now her Husband. She is currently on an extended break from Texas A&M, where she is a Physics majot.

Ja'nee likes music, history and dance. Her interest in music nearly developed into a career, but she's going to focus on school so that is on hold.

Ja'Nee Taylor is an original character that belongs to the theatrical_muse community.

All time travel facts are created by her mun, who has no idea what she's talking about and welcomes people to give her concrit about this character.

If anyone wants to play an affiliated time traveler, IM the mun! She likes plotting with people.
mun: nikcool
OOC AIM: Magicklynikcool
IC AIM: norubyshoes

Her PB is Keshia Chante.

In Tenbrae Nostro, she's still a time/dimensional traveler who is fully aware of what's happened to her in her main 'verse. Right now, she's living in LA (most of the time).